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Under the full Moon

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A search of excellence at every stage of the process

The Portfolio consists of 9 photographic prints produced by the historic Platinum-Palladium process. Each has been signed and stamped with the artists’ seal. The texts were typographically printed by the workshop of the Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe de l’Imprimerie Nationale (France). The 49 x 34 cm presentation boxes were custom-designed and handcrafted by Laurel Parker Book. The Portfolio is available in a limited edition of 17 copies.

Limited edition

17 copies in museographic quality et 3 and 3 Proof Artists.
To get a Portfolio, please contact us.

Watch the Making off of the portfolio


The Borobudur Under the Full Moon Portfolio is a limited edition of 17 copies and 3 proof artists. They are numbered as follow : 5 sets of Special Collectors Editions by subscription marked I, II, III, IV, V – 12 sets of Collectors Editions marked 1 to 12 and 3 sets of Artist Proofs marked 1AP, 2AP, 3AP.

The 9 selected images have been printed in museum quality with the historical Platine_Palladium technic by Hughes Dubois & Laurent Lafolie son a paper Hahnemühle Platinum Rag 300g. Each print is presented in a conservation folder.

The texts written by Bruce W. Carpenter describe the site BOROBUDUR and restore for each of the prints the legend of the story that the relief illustrates. These texts have been printed by Imprimerie Nationale, Atelier d’art et d’estampe, in France.

The design of the customized luxury box and the workmanship in conservation quality were hand-made by Laurel Parker Book, with Seveso Tasmania canvas. The box is 49cm Long x 34cm High

9 platinum-palladium prints

The platine-palladium technique

The printing method used for this portfolio is the historical Platinum-Palladium technique, which offered numerous advantages. Unlike silver emulsions, the prints are completely matte, not glossy, and they offer the photographer control over a broad palette of grey and warm brownish tones. Further, each print is unique. In terms of durability, the platinum-palladium process is the most stable photographic-printing technique currently in existence. Indeed, the printing is worked into the very structure of the paper, composed of natural fibers, rather than its surface, as is the case for other printing techniques. For all these reasons, platinum-palladium prints are highly valued by museums, galleries and collectors.

“After trying out different printing techniques, the platinum-palladium method, full of nuances, struck us as being particularly adapted to our work for highlighting bas-reliefs, by accentuating the sought-after volume effect.“. Hughes Dubois.

Watch the Making Off of the shootings

Acquisition & presentation

The Portfolio has integrated French national collections since the acquisition of a copy by the National Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet, France.
The Portfolio was presented at the International Rare Book and Art Object Show in April 2018, at the Grand Ateliers de France booth at the Grand Palais in Paris.
©Luna Light Agency – 2018
Borobudur under the Full Moon is a Luna Light Agency production