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Under the full Moon

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The spirit of the night

“It is as if the animating spirit of this complex religious universe, after having passed so many centuries submerged in the ‘night of time’, has chosen to reveal itself only by the diffused light of the moon when the volume, grace and delicacy of its artistry is in full bloom. This wonderful secret, discovered by Caroline and Hughes Dubois, now invites us into the home of these spirits of the night. These artists have literally drawn light from darkness to offer us this remarkable collection of images… Their journey into a forgotten world of dreams begins with the fading light of dusk… Then, with the devotion of true believers, our night travellers mobilise their tripods, cameras and filters along with their dreams and creative energy to uncover images long neglected and unseen… The unexpected and moving result is that scenes from the great epics and stories, which are static beneath daylight, suddenly leap to life because of the great depth and special volume that is the result of an imagination peculiar to photographers of the talent of Caroline & Hughes Dubois. Thus working for close to 110 nights beneath the light of the moon over a period of four years, they gradually rescue a story written centuries earlier by other artists who were no less guided by hidden spirits.“

Sebastiao Salgado, Photographer

Artbook Samples and table of contents

The Artbook

The publication starts with a beautiful sunset over Borobudur. Then during the night we go through its galleries discovering, page after page, the carvings of the reliefs that are highlighted by the full moon, revealing to us their intimacy. The publications finish by a sunrise on the site, the start of a new day, rich in beauty and in the teachings issued by Borobudur.

Description: 350 copies - 196 pages - landscape format closed: 42 x 30 cm, opened: 84 x 30 cm - Fabric Setalux on the cover with silver print- Texts in english printed on paper Arcoprint Edizioni ivory 170 g/m2 - Photographs printed on paper Symbol Tatami white 170 g/m2 - Price: 300 €

Watch the Making Off of the Artbook

The luxury box Edition - Limited edition of 48 copies

The luxury box Edition includes 1 original photograph in limited edition of 24 copies, with the Artbook as described above in a customed luxuary box.Choose 1 of the 2 photographs proposed in limited series of 24 copies each. Your photo will be signed and numbered from 1 to 24 according to reception of the order, format 42 Lx 30 cm H. The photographic has been printed with pigment ink on paper Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige 340g by Bordas studio (Paris). The Photograph is independent of the book, presented in a folder itself integrated into the box. It can therefore be framed to be exposed.

Description: Photograph format: 39 cm L x 28 cm H, book size : 42 L x 30 cm H - Coffret specifications : Setalux fabric on the cover with silver print - Texts in english - Printed on Arcoprint Edizioni ivory 170 g/m2 paper - Photographs printing on Symbol Tatami white 170 g/m2 paper - Limited edition of 48 copies (2 x 24 ex) and 2 artist proofs - Price: 800 €

Photographs: Caroline & Hughes Dubois
Text: Bruce W. Capenter *
Prefaces: Sebastiao Salgado, Sophie Makariou, Könchok Tsering Rinpoche **

* We thank Bruce W. Capenter for being at our side from the beginning. Through this collaboration, we came to know a man rich in knowledge and poetry. We thank him for his instructive texts, which we invite you to read.

** We are deeply grateful to the authors who have honoured us with laudatory prefaces Sebastiao Salgado, the acclaimed Brazilian photographer, Sophie Makariou, President of the National Museum of Asian Art Guimet, France and Vajrayana Master,Könchok Tsering Rinpoche, the head abbot of Tsalok and Dongzong Gompa in Qinghai Province.


Escourbiac l’imprimeur
France - July 2018
ISBN: 978-2-930043-00-5


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